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At Kingsway, wherever possible, we supply your in house resources with up to date concepts and methodologies to continue the process.

Having a working model ready to investigate enables these resources to quickly and efficiently comprehend and continue the re-architecture of your applications.

They will therefore be able to develop there own processes and direction and make their own checklist of recommendations to prepare your application for additional e-enablement.

Kingsways expert consultants can be available at subsequent decision points to work hand in hand with you, your staff and your executives. Our internet enabling process led by one of our Progress WebSpeed experts provides the best practices in approach, flexible and most important, final go-live product. The results: Robust, innovative e-business applications in a fraction of the development time you might expect.

Working with Kingsway Computing, you will soon realize the full benefit of a tried and tested approach to e-business with a tried and tested product - us!

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