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With Kingsway Computing Solutions Inc and Progess (tm) Software Products.

If you have tried to E-power your business, and have got mired down, have the need but not the technology, the budget but the lack of skilled expertise, too many disparate data repositories, or you are simply dreading the thought of transforming your traditional business processes to e-business models, then Kingsway Computing has truly the answer for you.

Since the inception of Progress Webspeed, we at Kingsway Computing have applied a great deal of energy and honest to goodness insightful thought processes, to getting data to and from the web to do or die corporate data activity.

The Kingsway Computing web enabled e-business platform, can rapidly assist you and your corporation by supplying a full solution to allow your services and products to be monitored, adjusted, purchased and processed on the web.

By drastically reducing the critical enabling process - simply bringing your needs to the web, we will empower you to accelerate your deployment of mission-critical e-business applications - rapidly.

InstantFreight™ by Kingsway Computing Solutions, Inc

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